In april 2016 heeft een aantal experts op het gebied van agile en onderwijs in Orlando (VS) aan een manifest gewerkt voor het toepassen van agile in het onderwijs. De weergave is in de vorm van een compas waarin een richting gegeven wordt waarom agile toe te passen binnen het onderwijs.


Together, we are discoverers of the world and ourselves. 

The world is no longer predictable and learning needs to be more adaptive, connected, and interdependent.

Education can respond to this constantly changing landscape with agility.

Through our journey, new paths unfold to reveal learning authentic to us.

We invite you to use this compass to navigate the unfolding opportunities.

Agile In Education Compass – designed by Stuart Young (Radtac)

Your Journey From…

​Prescriptive → Iterative
Visible cycles of learning.
Making intentions explicit and visible fosters partnerships and allows for a meaningful and relevant education to emerge.

Content → Culture
Learning starts with why … it’s the big story.
The real lessons of life are embedded in experience.

Evaluation → Visible Feedback & Reflection
Nurturing the love of lifelong learning.
Partnering in a learning journey catalyzes continuous growth and ownership. 

Control → Trust
Valuing the freedom of discovery.
Providing space for human diversity increases agency and self-direction.

Competition → Collaboration
The power of shared learning.
Sharing the individual perspective develops the social intelligence necessary for solving problems, communicating effectively, and deepening understanding.​​​

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